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What is Routemail ?

In most organisations email is used to pass documentation from one person to the next but the absence of a central view creates certain shortcomings in business-critical processes: How far is it? A progress view is not available - there is no way of seeing where about in the process a particular item of work is (especially if it goes outside the organisation), How long is it taking? Timeframes (turnaround) are difficult to measure and manage, Unnoticed - There is no method of notifying you when a critical email arrives and it can often go unnoticed in the case of people who receive large volumes of email, Blockages - There is no way of identifying holdups and taking action – if a person is on leave it will just sit in their inbox or get lost when their inbox becomes too full, Quality control - There is no way to ensure that it is not deleted or lost, that due process is followed (ISO) or if compliance, quality and Strategic Goals are achieved, Storage and network costs - Documentation is duplicated each time it is sent, Size of attachments – because of duplication the size of attachments are often limited Document management - Documentation is not managed and archived. Routemail works alongside your email in the cloud as the means by which critical work process information and documents are carried from one person to the next: It monitors the progress of a mail and tracks actual timing versus expected, Dynamically reports on performance against goals, Ensures due process is followed - Quality, Risk and Standards (ISO / legislation), Mails and their attachments are not limited in size and cannot be lost or deleted, As with email, you can attach any electronic document, picture, spreadsheet, etc Unlike email, it is always visible to anyone who has rights, Documents are not duplicated or transmitted every time a mail is forwarded, Does not replace your existing systems but rather integrates their information, Archived along with all its attachments using automated document management. Continue to use email for correspondence but use Routemail facility for processes.

Benefits of installing Routemail

A centralised, dynamic view of the value chain is always available, Process Quality, impact and Performance is managed, A Dynamic view of performance against goals is provided, Mails and attachments are secure and archived, Business events are tracked from cradle to grave, Critical document content can be automatically captured as a by-product of sending the process Routemails, Documentation is not duplicated when forwarding thus disk storage, backup and network traffic costs are significantly reduced, All relevant information and documentation is related to each business event and is retrievable and auditable at any time in the future ensuring compliance and decreasing risk, All process activity can be related to an Outcomes Framework to track and manage compliance to legislation and standards, Document management is automated.

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